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Towing Guide:-

Disclaimer: TrailerTREK have tried to interpret the law and take no responsibility for inaccuracies or wrong interpretations.
Consult a traffic law solicitor.

Speed Limits

On motorways 60mph – all other roads 50mph provided lower speed limits are not in force. Combinations exceeding 7500Kg the above limits are reduced to 50mph on motorways and 40mph on all other roads again assuming no lower limit is in force.


Vehicles towing trailers, caravans or other vehicles are NOT permitted to use the fast (third lane) unless it is unavoidable due to an accident or road works.


Extension mirrors have to be fitted both sides to the towing vehicle to enable the driver to view the road behind the trailer they must not protrude more than 200mm outside the width of the towing vehicle.  These are not required for small camping trailers however are law for towing caravans.

Vehicles Towing Unbraked Trailers Restrictions

In the case of unbraked trailers the towing vehicle must have a G.V.W of at least twice the loaded weight of the trailer. MOT.  This is not required for trailers of less than 3500Kg G.V.W. fitted with overrunning brakes.

Generally most vehicle insurance policies cover third party liabilities when towing a trailer or caravan when it is attached to the towing vehicle. TrailerTREK recommends additional cover is arranged for theft and contents cover and will hold the hirer responsible to the market value of the trailer / roof box.  TrailerTREK recommends you take out a break down recovery for the trailer.

Towing with a Full Licence

Drivers who passed car test before 1st January 1997 – should have entitlement B+E C1+E as listed on point 9 of the driving licence and entitles you to drive vehicles of G.V.W up to 7500Kg and tow any trailer provided G.V.W of towing vehicles less than 8250Kg.

Drivers who passed car test after 1st January 1997 – can drive a vehicle of G.V.W of 3500Kg with less than 8 seats. Can tow any trailer with G.V.W of up to 750Kg provided:

The G.V.W of the towing vehicle is 2 x the G.V.W of the trailer.

The combined G.V.W. of the towing vehicle and trailer is < 3500KG
Note: if a driver wishes to tow trailers or drive vehicles above these restrictions additional tests are required.

Test E - Entitles drivers who pass to drive vehicles of G.V.W up to 3500Kg.
Test C1 + E – Entitles drivers who pass to drive vehicles up to 7500Kg G.V.W. and tow trailers with overrunning brakes up to G.V.W. of 3500Kg. Other trailers may be towed provided the combined G.V.W. does not exceed 12000Kg.

Note: Drivers between 18-21 are restricted to a combined G.V.W of 7500Kg.

Towing with a Provisional Licence - PROHIBITED from towing a trailer

Type Approval -

If your vehicle is a new model of car that has come onto the market after 1st January 1996, the Towbar must be tested to directive 94/20/EC. This applies to all MI category Vehicles (passenger-carrying vehicles, up to eight seats). If you are unsure as to whether your vehicle meets these requirements, then consult your dealer/manufacturer or a reputable Towbar manufacturer.

Also, the Towbar must be stamped with a 'D' value (found from a combination of Vehicle Weight and Gross Trailer Weight shown in KN) and an 'S' value (max. static vertical load shown in KG). If these markings are not shown then it is possible the Towbar may not be tested.

Road Tax -

No additional road tax fund is required for motor cars or light commercial vehicles towing trailers.